Recall accuracy and rate of recall were not correlated in either

Recall accuracy and rate of recall were not correlated in either experiment, reflecting independence of these mechanisms.

Conclusions: It is possible to measure the operations of storage and processing mechanisms in working Navitoclax manufacturer memory in a single task, and only storage is impaired for children with CIs. These findings suggest that research and clinical efforts should focus on enhancing the saliency of representation for children with CIs. Direct instruction of syntax and semantics could facilitate storage

in real-world working memory tasks. (C) 2013 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“Objective: The present study examined the relation of cognitive and emotional representations of illness specified by the Common Sense Model of Illness Cognition (Handbook of Psychology and Health: Social Psychological Aspects of Health. Earlbaum, Hillsdale: New York, 1984; 219-252) with the coping strategies and perceived health of patients who were treated for breast cancer.

Methods: Participants were 119 women within 2 years after their diagnosis of breast cancer, who completed a questionnaire containing measures of illness representations, coping strategies and perceived physical and mental health.

Results: Breast cancer patients differ in the subjective perception of their

disease. Patients who view their illness as a condition with serious symptoms and consequences, patients who believe their illness is chronic and patients who consider their illness uncontrollable were found to report worse physical and mental health than those who believed the opposite. Regression CX-5461 concentration Wnt assay analysis showed that, after controlling for external variables, the cognitive illness representations identity and consequences explained 57% of variance in physical health, whereas emotional

illness representation and treatment control explained 47% of variance in mental health.

Conclusion: Results provide some support for the hypotheses of the Common Sense Model of Illness Cognition. Illness representations seem to play an important role in perceived health in breast cancer. The implications of these findings for the design of health-care-related interventions for breast cancer patients are discussed. Copyright (C) 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.”
“This study evaluated the fiscal impact attributed to recent policy changes that limited funding to public fertility clinics in Denmark. Taking into consideration that introducing patient co-payments will influence the numbers of couples treated, the number of children born every year from assisted reproductive technology will be affected. To reflect the government perspective, the model assessed the average life course of a cohort of assisted-conception singletons taking into consideration age-specific, per-capita government transfers (e. g.

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