21101053) for financial support and the scientific research proje

21101053) for financial support and the scientific research project funds support of Hefei Normal University (2014cxy23). This work is also supported by the Anhui Provincial Science Research Projects (KJ2011Z301,KJ2012Z331). Natural Science Foundation of Anhui Province Science Research Projects (1308085 MB23, 1408085 MB30). References 1. Katsu Y, Kubokawa K, Urushitani H, Iguchi

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of some estrogens by enhancement of luminol-hydrogen peroxide-tetrasulfonated manganese phthalocyanine reaction. Talanta 2006,70(1):219–224.CrossRef 5. Jobling S, Nolan M, Tyler CR, Brighty learn more G, Sumpter Selleck Gefitinib JP: Widespread sexual disruption in wild fish. Environ Sci Technol 1998,32(17):2498–2506.CrossRef 6. Zhou LQ, Yang B, Xu YR, Yang GY, Hu QF: Determination of phenolic environmental estrogens in eggs by high performance liquid chromatography and sample preparation with matrix solid phase dispersion. Asian J Chem 2010,22(2):1141–1145. 7. Xu Q, Wu SY, Wang M, Yin XY, Wen ZY, Ge WN, Gu ZZ: Electrospun

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