Work absenteeism For England, the HSE 2010 question “Over the las

Work absenteeism For England, the HSE 2010 question “Over the last 12 months, how many days has your wheezing/whistling in your chest, shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing caused you to be absent from work?” will be used among asthma respondents. Sickness-leave data from the Northern Ireland civil service from the Department of Finance and Personnel will be used on workdays lost due to asthma.33 We were unable to find any suitable data sources for Scotland and Wales. Workdays lost due to occupational asthma will be obtained from 2005 onwards from The Health and Occupation Research Network, which collates data from a research

network of over 2000 specialist physicians and specially trained GPs throughout the UK.34 Care-at-home We have been unable to identify any suitable data to estimate costs of care-at-home for asthma from England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The only data we have identified come from a recent project undertaken by the Swansea Centre for Health Economics in collaboration with the Swansea Social Services available in SAIL, detailing home-care service packages and costs to people aged 50 years and above and living within the city and county of the Swansea council area.35 Disability living allowance There are aggregated data available from DWP on a number of people receiving DLA, total DLA amount and expenditure on people receiving DLA due to asthma for England, Scotland and Wales for 2011–2012.9 For Northern Ireland, there are data available from the Department for Social Development on the number of people with asthma receiving DLA and total amount by age group, gender and SES from 2008.36 Premature retirement So far, no data source has

been identified. Mortality Mortality data with a primary or secondary cause of asthma from death certificates, coded using ICD-10, are available from the Office of National Statistics for England and Wales,37 the Northern Ireland Statistics and the Research Agency and General Register Office for Scotland.38 39 Covariates We aim to present the estimates of incidence, prevalence and healthcare utilisation by age, gender, SES and ethnicity, where data for these covariates are available, provided risks of individuals’ Cilengitide identity being disclosed is not compromised. For cost estimates, the covariates will be limited to the primary covariates of age and gender. For age, estimates will be given for children (aged under 15 years) and adults (15 years and above). In addition, to facilitate comparisons of prevalence estimates with results from the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood, we will also present estimates of prevalence by age groups 6–7 and 13–14 years.1 Gender will be classified as male and female.

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