10 mu m (range tested 2 – 20 mu m) for the ERS film The obtained

10 mu m (range tested 2 – 20 mu m) for the ERS film. The obtained results clearly demonstrate the feasibility of NIRS as a part of quality control procedure in the pharmaceutical industry.”
“We examined the determinants

of microbial load in infected diabetic foot ulcers buy GSK2118436 in 62 patients (38 men and 24 women, mean age: 65.63 +/- 12.71 years) with clinically infected diabetic foot ulcers. Tissue cultures were taken from ulcers by 4 mm punches. Ulcer grade (University of Texas classification), neuropathy disability score (NDS), neuropathy symptom score (NSS), ankle-brachial index (ABI), perfusion, extent, depth, infection, and sensation (PEDIS) grade of diabetic foot infection, and laboratory parameters were evaluated in all patients. Total microbial load was positively correlated with the number of isolates on tissue cultures (r(s) = 0.544, P < 0.001), white blood cell count (WBC) (r(s) = 0.273, P = 0.032), and platelet count (PLT) (r(s) = 0.306, P = 0.015). It also exhibited a borderline insignificant positive correlation

PF-6463922 in vivo with PEDIS infection grade (r(s) = 0.246, P = 0.053). In stepwise linear regression analysis, the number of isolates on tissue cultures and WBC were identified as the only two significant parameters accounting for 38% of the variation in the log of total microbial load (adjusted R-2 = 0.380, P < 0.001). In conclusion, patients with infected diabetic foot ulcer exhibit a positive correlation of total microbial load with the number of isolates on tissue cultures, WBC and PLT.”
“Right lower quadrant (RLQ) pain is a common complaint in children presenting at emergency

departments. This study analyzed the etiologies of RLQ pain, and compared the clinical presentations, laboratory test results and imaging findings in patients with appendicitis with those in other groups of patients. We also investigated if active observation resulted in delayed diagnosis, to the detriment of patients. Medical records for the period January 2006 to July 2006 were reviewed for children (age <18 years) who presented to the emergency department of one medical center, complaining of RLQ pain. Out BI 2536 molecular weight of a total of 100 patients (age range: 2-17 years; mean: 11 years), 46 patients presented with only one symptom of RLQ pain, while 32 patients had 2 associated signs or symptoms, including fever, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, or rebound tenderness. Imaging studies, including abdominal sonography and/or computed tomography, were performed in 73 patients; 44 underwent surgery for presumed appendicitis and one received surgery for a right paraduodenal hernia. Eleven patients underwent surgery because of peritoneal signs, and eight because of persistent or aggravated RLQ pain. Postoperative pathologic examinations revealed 53 cases of appendicitis, six normal appendices, and other morbidities (1 perforated peptic ulcer, 1 pelvic inflammatory disease, 1 ovarian cyst, 1 diverticulitis, and 1 right paraduodenal hernia).

The relative mRNA level was determined by real-time PCR, GnRH con

The relative mRNA level was determined by real-time PCR, GnRH concentration in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) was assayed by ELISA and the plasma concentration of LH and FSH were determined by radioimmunoassay. Our results showed that icv injection of IL-1 beta (10 or 50 mu g/animal) decreased the GnRH mRNA level in the pre-optic area (POA) (35% and 40% respectively; p = 0.01) and median eminence (ME) (75% and 70% respectively; p = 0.01) and

GnRHR gene expression in ME (55% and 50% respectively; p = 0.01). A significant decrease in GnRHR mRNA level in the AP in the group treated with the 50 mu g (60%; p = 0.01) but not with the 10 mu g dose was observed. The centrally administrated IL-1 beta lowered also GnRH concentration in the CSF (60%; p Protein Tyrosine Kinase inhibitor = 0.01) and reduced the intensity of GnRH translation in the POA (p = 0.01). It was not found any effect of icv IL-1 beta injection upon the release of LH and FSH. However, the central injection of IL-1 beta strongly decreased the LH beta mRNA level (41% and 50%; p = 0.01; respectively) and FSH beta mRNA in the case

of the 50 mu g dose (49%; p = 0.01) in the pituitary of BI 2536 manufacturer anestrous ewes. These results demonstrate that the central IL-1 beta is an important modulator of the GnRH biosynthesis and release during immune/inflammatory challenge.”
“Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a therapeutic technique mainly applied to the treatment of malignant and pre-malignant lesions, which induces cell death by the combined effect of a photosensitizer, irradiation in a proper wavelength, and molecular oxygen. One of the main limitations of PDT using

5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) is the superficial volume of treatment, mainly due to the limited penetration of topical photosensitization. In this context, the present study investigates if a laser micromachining DAPT inhibitor producing microchannels on the tissue surface could improve ALA penetration and result in an increase in the treatment depth. The laser micromachining under femtosecond regime was performed on the tissue surface of rat livers. Conventional PDT was applied and the induced depth of necrosis with or without laser micromachining was compared. The results showed an increase of more than 20% in the depth of necrosis when the femtosecond laser micromachining was performed before the treatment with the PDT.”
“Aspartic proteases play very important role in post translational processing of proteins and several of them are essential for organism’s viability. Here we present the enzyme inhibition activities of different Sulfamoylbenzamide derivatives against two aspartic proteases cathepsin D and plasmepsin II. Cathepsin D is an aspartic protease that degrades proteins at acidic pH in the lysosomes, or extracellular matrix.

Surgeons answered a questionnaire about the surgical procedure

Surgeons answered a questionnaire about the surgical procedure.

Results: Main patient complaints were related to swelling and bad taste/breath, considering that the former was more intense during the first days after operation, and the latter lingered during the 7-day postoperative period of research. Pain was reportedly more

intense during the first day after operation and presented continuous reduction throughout the recovery period. Mouth opening (trismus) and eating were the main activities affected by third molar extraction. A positive and significant relevance was only detected regarding surgical duration and difficulties encountered by the surgeon. There was no significant Dinaciclib datasheet relation between the above-mentioned variables and average and peak pain during the postoperative period.

Conclusion: Results show that during the first postoperative week some patients nay experience quality reduction in their daily activities. Considering that objective (ie, surgery duration) and subjective (ie, difficulties during surgery) indicators were not related

to postoperative pain, it was concluded that all patients are entitled to knowing that their lifestyles may be negatively affected by the after-effects, contributing to a better professional-patient relationship. (C) 2009 American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons J Oral Maxillofac Surg 67:1083-1091, Selleckchem Pinometostat 2009″
“Cigarette smoking is an established risk factor for adverse perinatal outcomes. The purpose of this study is to examine the association between maternal smoking in pregnancy and the occurrence of placental-associated syndromes (PAS).

We analyzed

data from a population-based retrospective cohort of singleton deliveries that occurred in the state of Missouri from 1989 through 2005 (N = 1,224,133). The main outcome was PAS, a composite outcome defined as the occurrence of placental abruption, placenta previa, selleck chemicals llc preeclampsia, small for gestational age, preterm or stillbirth. We used logistic regression models to generate adjusted odd ratios and their 95 percent confidence intervals. Non-smoking gravidas served as the referent category.

The overall prevalence of prenatal smoking was 19.6%. Cigarette smoking in pregnancy was associated with the composite outcome of placental syndromes (odds ratio, 95% confidence interval = 1.59, 1.57-1.60). This association showed a dose-response relationship, with the risk of PAS increasing with increased quantity of cigarettes smoked. Similar results were observed between smoking in pregnancy and independent risks for abruption, previa, SGA, stillbirth, and preterm delivery.

Maternal smoking in pregnancy is a risk factor for the development of placenta-associated syndrome. Smoking cessation interventions in pregnancy should continue to be encouraged in all maternity care settings.”
“Heavy-metal fixation by the chelating polymers is of great importance in environmental applications.

The Yuzpe method

The Yuzpe method CHIR98014 price and levonorgestrel are U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved for use 72 hours postcoitus, whereas the newest method, ulipristal, is approved for

up to 120 hours postcoitus. The copper intrauterine device may be used as emergency contraception up to seven days after unprotected intercourse. It is nonhormonal and has the added benefit of long-term contraception. Advanced provision of emergency contraception may be useful for all patients, and for persons using ulipristal because it is available only by prescription. Physicians should counsel patients on the use and effectiveness of emergency contraception, the methods available, and the benefits of routine and consistent contraception use. Copyright Taselisib price (C) 2014 American Academy of Family

“These studies investigated the absorption and metabolic conversion of lisdexamfetamine dimesylate (LDX), a prodrug stimulant that requires conversion to d-amphetamine for activity. Oral absorption of LDX was assessed in rat portal and jugular blood, and perfusion of LDX into isolated intestinal segments of anesthetized rats was used to assess regional absorption. Carrier-mediated transport of LDX was investigated in Caco-2 cells and Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells expressing human peptide transporter-1 (PEPT1). LDX metabolism was studied in rat and human tissue homogenates and human blood fractions. LDX was approximately 10-fold higher in portal blood versus systemic blood. LDX and d-amphetamine were detected in blood following perfusion of the rat small intestine but not the colon. Transport of LDX in Caco-2

cells selleck had permeability apparently similar to cephalexin and was reduced with concurrent PEPT1 inhibitor. Affinity for PEPT1 was also demonstrated in PEPT1-transfected CHO cells. LDX metabolism occurred primarily in whole blood (rat and human), only with red blood cells. Slow hydrolysis in liver and kidney homogenates was probably due to residual blood. The carrier-mediated absorption of intact LDX, likely by the high-capacity PEPT1 transporter, and subsequent metabolism to d-amphetamine in a high-capacity system in blood (ie, red blood cells) may contribute to the consistent, reproducible pharmacokinetic profile of LDX.”
“Previous studies document that cholinergic and noradrenergic drugs improve attention, memory and cognitive control in healthy subjects and patients with neuropsychiatric disorders. In humans neural mechanisms of cholinergic and noradrenergic modulation have mainly been analyzed by investigating drug-induced changes of task-related neural activity measured with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Endogenous neural activity has often been neglected. Further, although drugs affect the coupling between neurons, only a few human studies have explicitly addressed how drugs modulate the functional connectome, i.e., the functional neural interactions within the brain.

001) for total LTPA; -0 1 (P < 001) for light; -0 08 (P <

001) for total LTPA; -0.1 (P < .001) for light; -0.08 (P < .001) for moderate; Flavopiridol cell line and -0.03 (P = .192) for vigorous. This decline

is reflected by a shift to the left of the LTPA distribution in the population. Occupational physical inactivity has increased in the general population (odds ratio for annual change = 1.01; 95% confidence interval, 1-1.02); specially in women, young and middle aged, and intermediate educational level.

Conclusions: There has been a decline in LTPA, mainly in light and moderate activities, accompanied by greater occupational physical inactivity. This could have contributed to the increase in obesity in the Community of Madrid between 1995 and 2008. (C) 2010 Sociedad Espanola de Cardiologia. Published by Elsevier Espana, S.L. All rights reserved.”
“The important co-existence of spondylarthritis (SpA) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) within the same individual suggests common etiopathogenic mechanisms. AZD1208 research buy This is supported by intriguing similarities between both diseases at the subclinical and molecular level. The recent advances in IBD genetics have led to the identification of common pathways involved in both IBD and SpA, including bacterial recognition and ER stress. This offers the opportunity to develop potential new therapeutic strategies for both diseases. Transgenic

animals which develop both joint and gut inflammation (like the TNF Delta ARE mice and the HLA-B27 transgenic PF-02341066 purchase rats) are a very useful tool to test such novel therapeutics and to get further mechanistic insight into the pathogenetic link between SpA and IBD.

This review will

focus on the recent scientific progress in our understanding of the link between SpA and IBD. Based on this, potential novel therapeutic strategies are discussed. (C) 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“Background: Recent evidence supports the protective effects of n-3 (omega-3) fatty acids (n-3 FAs), such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), on vascular function.

Objective: We investigated the effects of EPA and DHA on postprandial vascular function in subjects with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Design: In a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized, crossover manner, 34 subjects with type 2 diabetes mellitus received daily either 2 g purified EPA/DHA (termed n-3 FAs) or olive oil (placebo) for 6 wk. At the end of this period, we measured macrovascular (brachial ultrasound of flow-mediated dilatation; FMD) and microvascular [laser-Doppler measurements of reactive hyperemia (RH) of the hand] function at fasting and 2, 4, and 6 h after a highfat meal (600 kcal, 21 g protein, 41 g carbohydrates, 40 g fat).

Results: Fasting vascular function remained unchanged after n-3 FAs and placebo. Postprandial FMD decreased from fasting after placebo, with a maximum decrease (38%) at 4 h-an effect that was significantly reduced (P = 0.03 for time X treatment interaction) by n-3 FA supplementation (maximum decrease in FMD was at 4 h: 13%).

In this study of patients scheduled for multilevel spine surgery,

In this study of patients scheduled for multilevel spine surgery, it was demonstrated that compared to a historic group of patients receiving usual care, a comprehensive and standardized multimodal pain and PONV protocol significantly reduced opioid consumption, improved postoperative mobilization and presented concomitant MAPK Inhibitor Library chemical structure low levels of nausea, sedation and dizziness.”
“Introduction: The evidence suggests that in most instances distress from cancer goes unrecognised.

There has been substantial work in screening for distress leading to development in practice guidelines recommending screening for distress. There is a need to identify distress early in the continuum, where suitable and timely interventions will benefit the patient. The Distress Inventory for Cancer (DIC) was designed for this.

Methods: The present study reports the improved psychometric properties of the second version of the DIC (DIC 2). A standardisation sample of 520 patients was administered the 73-item draft questionnaire as well as the Functional Crenolanib molecular weight Assessment of Cancer Therapy-General (FACT-G). Additional 240 patients were administered Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) besides the final DIC 2 and FACT-G. Internal consistency was measured with the Cronbach’s

alpha. Chi-square, odds ratio, and binary logistic regression were used to compare the results MI-503 of three tools and to establish validity.

Results: A principal factor analysis of the 73-item draft questionnaire with varimax rotation in a six-factor structure resulted in 33 items. Activity of daily living emerged as a single item domain. The FACT-G scores negatively correlated with DIC 2 scores, while emotional distress of DIC 2 overlapped with anxiety in HADS. DIC 2 significantly predicted patient noncompliance to treatment and follow-up.


The results show a suitable internal consistency, construct, and convergent/divergent validity of the global distress measure (DIC 2). The DIC 2 also demonstrates a predictive function for future negative clinical behaviour, the knowledge of which may facilitate better intervention triage. Copyright (C) 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.”
“Spheroids that are formed from aggregated cells have enhanced biological function compared to individual cells. In particular, hetero-spheroids composed of different types of cells, such as hepatocytes and endothelial cells, express tissue specific functions at a high level, which is advantageous for more precise drug screening and biological research. In this study, we propose rapid formation of size-controlled three-dimensional hetero-cell aggregates consisting of hepatocytes and endothelial cells using micro-rotation flow. Based on previous data, these aggregates are expected to ultimately become hetero-spheroids.

This is the first reported case of ACCCC in Korea A 79-year-old

This is the first reported case of ACCCC in Korea. A 79-year-old male presented with left abdominal masses that proved to be two subcutaneous nodules. The tumors histologically consisted of epithelial nests that showed a distinctive zonal arrangement. The centrally located clear cell areas with comedonecroses were merged with the peripheral squamoid cells, often exhibiting retraction artifacts and an infiltrating border. Nuclear pleomorphism EPZ-6438 price and frequent mitoses were prominent. The clear cells

were immunopositive for carcinoembryonic antigen and epithelial membrane antigen. We report here on a case of ACCCC involving the abdominal skin, and this tumor should be distinguished from the more indolent squamous cell and tricholemmal carcinomas.”
“Background: Discrepancies exist in estimation of quality of life (QL) by patients and caregivers but underlying factors are incompletely characterised.

Methods: QL of 153 patients was estimated by themselves, by 70 nurses and by 53 physicians in a cross-sectional study. Variables which could influence

inter-rater agreement were evaluated.

Results: Inter-rater agreement of QL was fair (r = .292) between patients and nurses and between patients and physicians (r = .154). Inter-rater selleck kinase inhibitor agreement with nurses was significantly lower concerning fatigue and pain for patients with a Karnofsky Index <50 when compared to patients with a KI > 50. Their interrater agreement with physicians was significantly lower for fatigue, pain and physical functioning. Agreement on the degree of anxiety was significantly (p = .009) better for female patients. Agreement on the need for social assistance (p = .01) and physical functioning (p = .03) was significantly better for male patients. Agreement with patients on their physical functioning was significantly (p = .03) better for male nurses and male physicians (r = .944) than for female nurses and female physicians (r = .674).

Conclusions: Our study showed that estimation of overall QL of patients by professional caregivers is inaccurate. Inter-rater agreement was influenced

by MI of patients, by gender of patients and caregivers and PR 171 by professional experience of nurses. (C) 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“Introduction and hypothesis The objective of this study is to describe pelvic floor muscle function (PFMF) in relation to age and parity in a general female population and to test whether strength/endurance measurements represent all functions of the pelvic floor musculature.

Methods A cross-sectional study was performed on 95% of the women aged 45-85 years from a small Dutch town. Validated questionnaires were used to obtain general information, and vaginal examination to test PFMF was performed on 649 women. Chi-square tests were used to analyse the relation between PFMF versus age and parity.

4 wt % V(2)O(5) content at 8 55 GPa The tensile strength and str

4 wt % V(2)O(5) content at 8.55 GPa. The tensile strength and stress at break increased with increasing V(2)O(5) content. The addition of V(2)O(5) did not affect the melting temperature. The crystallization temperatures of PVA were significantly changed with increasing V(2)O(5) content. The 5% weight loss degradation temperature of the nanocomposites was measured by

thermogravimetric analysis. The degradation Alvocidib clinical trial temperatures of the V(2)O(5) nanocomposites increased with increasing filler content and were higher than the degradation temperature of pure PVA; this showed a lower thermal stability compared to those of the nanocomposites. The results show that the thermal stability increased with the incorporation of V(2)O(5) nanoparticles. The dielectric constant of PVA had a tendency to improve when the dispersion of particles was effective. The morphology of the surfaces the nanocomposites was examined by scanning electron microscopy. We observed that the dispersion of the V(2)O(5) nanoparticles was relatively good; only few aggregations existed after the addition of the V(2)O(5) nanoparticles at greater than 0.4 wt %. In perspective, the addition of 0.4 wt % V(2)O(5) nanoparticles

into PVA maximized the Navitoclax order mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. (C) 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 121: 2870-2876, 2011″
“Background: Iron status degrades in female soldiers during military training. Inflammation-mediated up-regulation of hepcidin, a key mediator of iron homeostasis, may be a contributing factor.

Objective: We measured the efficacy of an iron-fortified food product for maintaining iron status in female soldiers during basic combat training (BCT) and examined relations between iron status, serum hepcidin concentrations, and inflammation.

Design: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was conducted. Volunteers received an iron-fortified food product (total dose = 56 mg Fe/d) or a placebo twice daily during the 9-wk BCT course. Iron-status

indicators, serum hepcidin concentrations, and markers of inflammation were measured pre- and post-BCT.

Results: BCT affected iron status; serum ferritin concentrations decreased (P <= 0.05), and concentrations of soluble transferrin receptor (sTfR) and hemoglobin and the red cell distribution width increased BTK inhibitors (P <= 0.05). Consumption of the iron-fortified food product attenuated declines in iron status in iron-deficient anemic soldiers; a group-by-time interaction was observed for hemoglobin and sTfR concentrations (P <= 0.05). Serum hepcidin concentrations were not affected by BCT; however, hepcidin concentrations were lower in iron-deficient anemic soldiers than in those with normal iron status (P <= 0.05) and were positively associated with serum ferritin (P <= 0.05) and C-reactive protein (P <= 0.05) concentrations pre- and post-BCT.

Additionally, the Ba8YxGe46-x (Y-x=Ni-6, Cu-6, Zn-8) samples were

Additionally, the Ba8YxGe46-x (Y-x=Ni-6, Cu-6, Zn-8) samples were characterized with respect to their thermoelectric properties. (C) 2009 American Institute of Physics. [DOI: 10.1063/1.3099589]“
“Health-related quality of life instruments (HRQoL) are widely used to produce measures that summarize population health and to inform decision-making and health policy. Although the literature about the relationship between health and race in the United States is quite extensive, there BV-6 Apoptosis inhibitor is a lack of studies that comprehensively examine the relationship between race and preference-based HRQoL. Given the widespread use of these measures, it becomes important to understand the extent

of the race differences in HRQoL scores and factors associated with any such differences.

We examined the differences in HRQoL, between blacks and whites and associated factors, using the summary scores of the SF-6D, EQ-5D, QWB-SA, HUI2, HUI3, administered by telephone to a nationally representative sample of 3,578 black and white US adults between the ages of 35 and 89 in the National Health Measurement Study (NHMS).

Black women had substantially lower HRQoL than white women. The difference was largely explained by sociodemographic and socioeconomic variables. Black men did not differ significantly from white men, except for the EQ-5D. HRQoL among black men was higher at higher Ulixertinib solubility dmso income

levels, while the HRQoL of black women was especially low compared to other groups at high income levels.”
“Genome-based see more reverse vaccinology (RV) is a multi-step experimental strategy which starts from in silico analysis of whole genome sequences, from which vaccine candidates can be selected by using bioinformatic algorithms to identify putative protective antigens. In this review, we examine the current state of genome-based

RV-engineered vaccines and future applications. The first product of genome-based RV is Bexsero (R), a vaccine developed for preventing Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B infection, and the strategy is currently being used for the development of new vaccines for other obdurate and emerging bacterial diseases. Improved sequencing technologies and the ongoing whole-genome sequence analyses of helminths, protozoa, and ectoparasites also currently serve as a basis for an RV strategy to produce new potential vaccines against eukaryotic pathogens. We also highlight an emerging approach-structure-based vaccinology-that exploits the information derived from the determined three-dimensional structures of vaccine candidates. Regardless, genome-based RV and other vaccine discovery platforms still depend on empirical experimental science to glean, from the hundreds of identified antigens from any one pathogen, those that should be combined to produce an effective vaccine.

W(R) achieves 90% of the theoretically maximum relative bandwidth

W(R) achieves 90% of the theoretically maximum relative bandwidth. The composites with the spinel ferrite flaky fillers

are powerful and potential candidates as electromagnetic attenuation materials with ultrabroad bandwidth at microwave L, S, and C bands. (C) 2010 American Institute of Physics. [doi:10.1063/1.3485809]“
“Background: Duvelisib mw Renal ischemia followed by reperfusion leads to acute renal failure in both native kidneys and renal allograft. This study aimed at investigating the effects of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) on ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury and the underlying mechanisms in a rat model. Methods: Renal ischemia was produced by clamping the right renal vessels for 60 min after the left kidney was removed. Immediately after

visual confirmation of reflow, 1 x 10(6) MSC were administered by intravenous injection, followed by reperfusion for 24 h. The kidney functions, tissue malondialdehyde (MDA), superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) levels were evaluated. Histopathological examinations were also performed. Results: MSC infusion significantly improved kidney function as indicated by lower urea and creatinine levels in the MSC compared to the vehicle group (p < 0.05). Akt inhibitor I/R-induced reduction in renal tissue SOD enzyme activity and GSH-Px was significantly improved by MSC (p < 0.05). Treatment with MSC also resulted in significant reduction in renal tissue MDA levels that were increased by

renal I/R injury (p < 0.05). At histological examination, the kidneys of MSC-treated rats showed a fairly normal morphology. Conclusions: MSC protects the kidneys against I/R injury at least via their antioxidant effects. Copyright 2010 S. Karger AG, Basel”
“Lead is a persistent and common environmental contaminant, which chiefly plays a significant role in modern industry. Coenzyme Q acts as electron and proton carrier in mitochondria and functions as https://www.selleckchem.com/products/poziotinib-hm781-36b.html an antioxidant in its reduced form (ubiquinol). To investigate the hazardous effects of lead on the coenzyme Q level, rats were injected i.p. with lead acetate (5 mg/kg b.wt. daily for 6 weeks). Our results showed that the levels of both oxidized (ubiquinone) and reduced (ubiquinol) forms of coenzyme Q(9) and Q(10) in serum, brain, liver and kidney of lead-treated rats are quite different depending on the organ tissue type.”
“Staggered quantum well structures are studied to eliminate the influence of polarization-induced electrostatic field upon the optical performance of blue InGaN light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Blue InGaN LEDs with various staggered quantum wells which vary in their indium compositions and quantum well width are theoretically studied and compared by using the APSYS simulation program.